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SMSD - MVP - My Volunteer Pal

There are two types of volunteer groups as distinguished by the areas in which they may be working or the tasks with which they are assisting.  MVPs, identified as Tier I, volunteer in a capacity in which they have direct

contact with students, either individually or in groups.  Examples may include tutor, mentor, or classroom assistant, etc.  

The other volunteer group, identified as Tier II, volunteers essentially in one-time, group supervised settings​, or non-student contact capacity. Examples may include:  daytime field trip chaperone, classroom party 

volunteer, front office/copy center volunteer, bulletin board or classroom material volunteer, committee volunteer,  etc.


Tier I MVP volunteers complete an application (available online), attend a short training that touches on important areas including standards of conduct, importance of maintaining confidentiality, etc.,  acknowledge they

have received the training by signing the standards of conduct, and complete a fingerprint background screen.  Volunteers are screened and trained free of charge. 


Tier II MVP volunteers are coordinated directly at the school through the general visitor process. The district has implemented visitor management systems at each building in the district.  These systems will do basic

screenings for anyone coming into the building.

What does this mean to PTA? PTA members and volunteers will follow the same guidelines outlined by the district during the school day. This means any situation involving interaction with students and members is to be reviewed, by the Building Administrator, to determine whether or not the activity is as a Tier I or Tier II volunteer.  If the event is after school hours, it is up to the PTA to determine whether or not screening would be appropriate. Some examples where screening would be recommended are club leaders such as HiP team or green team, Spanish club, and Running club volunteers who may be with students unsupervised.

For further information, including MVP Training schedules, please visit SMSD website.