School of Instruction

Wednesday - May 10, 2017
Shawnee Mission West High School

School of Instruction is brought to you by SMAC PTA.  SOI is typically held the second Wednesday in May at Shawnee Mission West High School.  SOI provides a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which PTA leaders from schools across the district and the metro area receive valuable information, training and new ideas on fundraising, cultural arts programs, activities, advocacy, grant writing, preschool engagement and much more!

You  have the opportunity to meet with fundraising vendors, as well as cultural arts exhibitors and Kansas PTA Leaders.  All PTA officers, chairs and committee members are encouraged to attend the workshops for vital information, training and resources.   

If there is not a workshop specific to your position, please feel free to attend any workshop of your interest or send someone in your place.  

All chairs have the opportunity to attend up to two workshops.  The cost is $5 per person. Dinner is provided.

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Are you a vendor?  Is your business interested in showcasing your non-profit or for-profit business at School of Instruction?

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2017 SOI Workshops:

Full Hour Workshops (7:20-8:20)

#1:  President Information Course

#2:  Treasurer: The Treasurer’s responsibilities and procedures will be covered in detail.  

#3:  Ways & Means/Fundraising/Carnival/Smart Snacks Guidelines: Covers best practices for fundraising, carnivals, auctions, raffles and much more.  Learn when you need to collect sales tax, which fundraisers bring in the most money, and learn how to avoid fundraiser fatigue.

#4: Cultural Arts/Programs/Activities: This workshop covers a wide range of ideas for student assemblies and family activities. Enjoy a brief introduction from each exhibitionist. 

30 Minute Workshops:  

Session One-7:20pm-7:50pm;

Session Two-7:55pm-8:25pm

#5: (1st session only): PTA Advocacy - Parents Speak Up - Every voice counts!  It is crucial to PTA Units to learn the importance of and how to effectively communicate PTA legislative efforts and KS PTA Legislative Platform to your members, as well as elected officials, for our children.

#6: (1st session only): The Nuts + Bolts of School Composting and How You Can Help: Shawnee Mission is in year three of our school cafeteria composting program with 33 schools on board and all remaining schools and administrative centers joining the program during 2017-2018. Learn what your students know, simple grants available to support the program and how you can help launch the school year in August.

#7: (1st session only): Citizenship/Reflections: The Kansas State PTA Citizenship essay and poetry contest and the National PTA Reflections contest are tremendous opportunities for our kids. Find out more about these two PTA contests, how they help our kids grow, and how you can increase faculty support and student participation.

#8: (1st session only): MVP Training (SMSD only): Tier 1 volunteer training session for individuals that may volunteer in a capacity in which they have direct contact with students, either individually or in groups.  Examples may include tutor, mentor, or classroom assistant (with possible supervisory role), etc.

#9: (2nd session only):  School Gardens for Food and Wildlife and How You Can Help: Shawnee Mission partners with great community organizations to build school gardens to grow food and support wildlife. Learn about partners, programs and grants available to support a garden or programs for an existing garden at your school.

#10A or #10B: (offered both session times): Membership: Gain creative and new ideas to increase membership in your unit, while learning the value of your membership and the duties of the Membership Chair.

#11A or #11B: (offered both session times): Social Media and PTA: Learn how to effectively communicate with parents and other PTA members.  Review Social Media outlets and best practices with social media and PTA awareness.

#12A or #12B: (offered both session times): Spice up your PTA Meetings: Recharge your PTA meetings. This workshop will offer innovative ideas in bringing meaning and increased participation to your General PTA meetings.