PTA's will need to work closely with your building Principal's in making copies.   Each Principal may have specific guidelines for PTA use.  Information provided below has been outlined and verified by District Administration.
Your Principals and Administrators can provide additional information about the SMSD New Printing Paradigm.

  • PTAs need to work closely with building administrators when submitting jobs to the Print Shop. It should be pretty easy to accomplish by just giving them a heads up and then submitting the jobs on the Trac system. 
  • For those oversize items, working with the building admins is important, too. The more communication they have there, the easier the process will be for both sides. 
  • The PTA 'copy cards' are to be kept in the school office.
  • Any “click” (copy) a building makes, whether at the building or at the Print Shop, goes towards the buildings print allocations. However, this is not a BAD thing, as PTA pays for any prints made.
  • The number of “clicks” (copies) anyone makes is tracked. This includes PTA users.
  • Billing cycles for the PTAs has been left to the buildings to decide. While we’d recommend a regular, 30-day cycle, the buildings have the option of choosing whatever works best for them.
  • At this time, the district is not expressing a preference as to whether or not PTAs (and other organizations) use the Print Shop over the building copiers. That’s being reviewed as a part of this “break in” process for the new paradigm. At some point in the future, the district may express a preference as we see how things work and different resources are used.
  • It’s always your PTA's option to check out those other vendors and see if they can get better pricing.
  • PTA receives discounts at Staples and Office Depot with your PTA membership card. 
  • The benefit the building receives from sending their larger copy jobs to the Print Shop is that the building does not get charged for the paper.
  • Print Shop jobs that are not on standard (8.5x11 or 11x17) copiers WILL NOT be counted toward the building allocations since these are priced and paid for individually.
  • A price list for oversize items can be found HERE
  • Any and all job requests to the Print Shop need to be submitted using the online form and Ricoh’s Trac system. You can see that system RICHO TRAC
  • Should someone encounter problems using the Trac system, they will need to visit with the Ricoh team at the Print Shop and phone or email is the best way to reach. 
  • The new pricing at the Print Shop is higher than it was in previous years. However, we’d like everyone to understand that the district operated the old Print Shop at a significant loss for many, many years. When we switched to having Ricoh run the Print Shop, they can’t do business at a loss. The Print Shop’s new pricing is not intended to ever turn a profit. It is intended to prevent the district from losing so much money. The new pricing is competitive with similar services in the community being offered by other vendors.