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An Area Council is a group of local PTA units organized under the authority of the state PTA for the purpose of conferences, leadership training and coordination of the efforts of such local PTA units.

Shawnee Mission Area Council (SMAC) is a council of 45 PTA units that serve the Shawnee Mission area in working for children and youth. SMAC was first organized with three units in October of 1922.


The council has four major responsibilities:

  1. To strengthen the local units

  2. To develop leadership

  3. To promote membership

  4. To give service to the local school community by undertaking community projects


The council also helps units function competently by giving unit officers and chairs opportunities to:​

  1. Compare methods of work

  2. Receive suggestions of procedure

  3. Unite in common projects

  4. Cooperate in improving the quality of life of children and youth


The council cannot legislate to the units. Each unit is autonomous and can do as it wishes within the framework of its own bylaws and within keeping of the Objects of PTA.


SMAC’s projects and contributions include:

  • Two-part Presidents’ Information Course: a training course for newly elected unit presidents offered in April

  • School of Instruction: leadership workshops conducted by council officers, chairs and sometimes community leaders to assist unit officers and chairs to better understand their responsibilities

  • Workshops for chairs of various PTA committees so that they may operate more effectively

  • Two General Meeting programs dealing with subjects of current interest affecting the schools or students.

  • The Clothing Exchange


Shawnee Mission Area Council members are available to advise and assist the units in any way possible.

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