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project preschool

Project Preschool is a welcome and introduction for preschoolers and their families to their neighborhood elementary school.

Each elementary school plans quarterly events that allow children and their parents to meet principals, teachers, and other preschoolers and their parents. Events may include a craft time with the art teacher, singing with the music teacher, or jumping and running with the P.E. teacher.

Top Five Things To Do At Your Next “Project Preschool” Event!

  1. Have Principal/School Staff mingle with parents and promote school.
  2. Say “hello” to children and parents you know, make it a point to meet children and parents you don’t know. By talking with parents, you can key-in on parents debating private vs. public schools and answer parent questions.

  3. Promote upcoming Project Preschool events as well as general school events, which prospective families could attend. (Do this verbally or on worksheet to hand out to parents.)

  4. Provide school contact information (Principal/Secretary name and phone number) and hand out recent school newsletter, PTA membership form, etc.

  5. Pass around sign-in sheet and include space for name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Use this sheet as a follow-up tool, or a way to contact prospects in upcoming months.

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