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2020-21 SMAC PTA

District Reflections results

PRIMARY literature

Award of


every little bit counts
Caroline Shehan
corinth elementary

There are a lot of things you can do to change the world.

Intermediate literature

Award of


Beyond These
Ocean Waves

Ellie Tritsch
mill creek elementary

Award of


"Helping Habitats"
walker cobb
belinder elementary



The Boy Who Loves
the World

campbell rigsby
prairie elementary

My poem is about ocean pollution.  What inspired my poem was all the ocean species and the ocean itself.  If the ocean dies all 700,000 ocean species will die with it.  I wanted to find some ways I and other kids could help save the ocean.

I'm going to change the world by helping keep habitats healthy.  This poem highlights helping the environment.  It can also be sung or rapped so feel free to do so to help express the feelings.  This poem will help you understand that we have to help the environment.  Hope you enjoy the poem. 

My short story relates to the theme I will change the world by...because picking up trash can make a small difference to the world.  Treating your neighbors with love and respect can mean the world to a person that is disabled and lonely.  I will try to not litter ever in my life and try to get to know my neighbors better.  These are a couple of ways I can help change the world.



I will change
the world by...

Genevieve Hoffmann
brookwood elementary 
Ending Homophobia
Abbey Keltner
rosehill elementary

My essay is about how I believe I will change the world in the future and how I am changing the world right now. 

How Can I Change the World?
brynn weiss
trailwood elementary 

There are so many ways I would like to change the world.  It is extremely difficult to include all of them in one entry.  So I tried my best to explain that I love the world, but it definitely needs some changes.  I want to make a difference in the world and I want the world to know that it's not too late to make some changes. But no matter how we change it, we can do it together.  

Peace in the World 
callie hooker
westwood view elementary

My entry is a Haiku and is written in English and Japanese. It symbolizes peace and equality for all.

The Tale of Two Activists
Madeline Kennedy
benninghoven elementary

It's all about black lives matter and how we should all pich in and help.

I Can Save the World
Kennedy Meredith
highlands elementary

I think it can relate because we should be cleaning up the oceans and all of the trash. 

MIDDLE SCHOOL literature

Award of


One Word
Viola McCarthy
lenexa hills elementary 

I wrote "One Word" to show how you can be kind even with the littlest of things. "One Word" shows how I can change the world by by being kind. I will also be a writer of children's books  about being kind and spread a little light in a world of darkness.

Award of




Changing the World,
One Park at a Time

emily nelson
christa Mcauliffe elementary
Changing the World by Turning Dreams into Reality
Victoria Olberding
indian woods ms

In this piece, a girl named Esme is shocked to find out that the park that she spent her entire childhood in is going to be torn down and turned into a parking lot, so she decides to do something about it.  I feel like this goes with the theme because, in the end, Esme doesn't directly change the world, but definitely Influences it.

The Arc of Dreams shows me there are many ways to follow my dreams and change the world.  Going from a sturdy base to a gap at the top shows me that when changing the world, I need to have an open mindset, and I may need to take a leap of faith.  The arc is not solid, it has gaps, as we all do when following our dreams.  I always try to be a good leader and inspire others to do the same.  I can change the world by following my dreams and turning those dreams into reality.



I Think We Can
Keaton Smith
mill creek elementary
One Step at a TIme
mia wimer
westwood view elementary
I Will Change the World By 
lola bray
highlands elementary

I wrote this poem to show how we can all work together to make the world a better place.

This poem is about the ripple affects of kind words and actions slowly changing the world. Words have so much power, and so do actions, and I think that if we could all try to step out of our comfort zone and try to “spread the love” a little bit more, it could go a long way.

I wrote a poem called "I Will Change the World By." It's about the many ways I can change the world, and how you can too. 

isabel wisdom
belinder elementary

I made this poem to show what the world is now and what it could be.  Right now, pollution is one of our biggest problems and it's slowly destroying the earth.  Even though it's such a big problem, we can be the solution.  We can do things such as picking up trash and recycling.  Even though it doesn't feel like we are, we are slowly changing the world.  

I Can Change the World By
will swan

prairie elementary

My poem, I Can Change the World By, relates to the theme because it spreads the message that doing one small thing can really change people's lives, and even go on to change the world, which may go to change the universe.

small changes
Emery Goodwin

sunflower elementary

This is an essay on how I think I can help change the world. I wrote about volunteering and helping kids who struggle or are slower in school.  My writing relates to the theme because it talks about making changes and the small things I can do to change the world.  

Ostrich Odyssey
Chase Carrell
brookwood elementary

This is a story about a man who goes on a journey because of greed and instead ends up helping all of the people in his town to have a better life. 

A Drop of Kindness
Luke DeAngelis
Westridge Ms

I chose to focus on the way we change the world by affecting others.  The raindrops symbolize the collective small acts of kindness that uplift people and ideas, symbolized by plants.  It relates to the theme because it is realistic.  I create positive change not by cleaning the entire planet or by feeding everyone, mainly because that is simply impossible,  but by doing the collection of small things that add up.  The drops of rain that bring the small bits of life to the plants, not the series of rainstorms that will keep them alive forever.

ayana gupta
indian hills ms

This piece relates to the theme of this year's contest because it shows that, as long as you are yourself, you can change the world.   Being confident is mostly what I think you need to be yourself, hence the name of my entry.  I know that being on stage is a dream for many people, but nobody is extremely confident when they go on stage.  I feel like this entire thing was basically stage fright but dumbed down.  

HIGH SCHOOL literature

Award of


Writing the Stars
campbell wood
SM east

Award of


Heart of Stone
morgan tate
SM northwest



How Do You Change The World?
Abigail E. DuMont 
SM south

At a point in my life where there are a lot of big decisions ahead, changing the world seems impossible.  My one certainty is my passion for writing and sharing people's stories.  While I might not be the one directly changing the world, my goal is to tell the stories of those who do - be the one who writes history.

I will change the world by making others feel. Too often I find people who are hateful and ignorant in this world. They are stubborn nasty people who see others as their enemies just because they aren't willing to listen and feel for the other person.  I cant necessarily do much in the world, but I am an artist. I act, write, sing, draw etc. I want to change the world by using my art to create an impact on those ignorant people and make them finally feel. 

My work speaks about how though we don’t have special abilities to be like Marvel Superheroes , we do have locations and words and cities.  Simple choices that we can use to change someone’s world .  Though we can’t help everybody on our own we can help somebody and show them truth.

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