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partner program

Partner with a school within SMSD that does not have a PTA unit

we have buildings, with students, families and staff that do not have a PTA unit….The Early Childhood Center, Arrowhead and Horizons.  Throughout the years, some of our units have provided for these students and staff with appreciation days, class party events, etc., as from time to time, some units find themselves with a surplus of funds, volunteers, resources and knowledge.  With that being said, these Units have expressed their desire to share their resources with these non-PTA buildings.



Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be launching a pilot ‘Adoption’ opportunity with the Early Childhood Center, where your unit can sign up to adopt the Early Childhood Center to provide staff appreciation items or a class party or for different events throughout the year.  There will be an on-line sign up available and SMECEC contact information will be provided for coordination.  While there may still be events for the remainder of this school year, it is our hope that you can offer to adopt them, but also consider them when budgeting your expenses for next year.
SMECEC is the district site where most early childhood special education students (ages 3-5) attend school and receive their IEP services.  They serve nearly 200 students and have school Monday-Thursday.  Students and families attend SMECEC for no more than 1-2 years, making a sustainable PTA nearly impossible.  Once a student is kindergarten eligible, they are transitioned to their neighborhood elementary or to a centralized program, depending on their level of needs, where their families become a member of your community and hopefully PTA. SMECEC is the very first experience with Shawnee Mission for many families. Their staff and paras work very hard, as all our staff does.  Detailed information will be shared in the coming weeks.

Top Five Things To Do At Your Next “Project Preschool” Event!

  1. Have Principal/School Staff mingle with parents and promote school.
  2. Say “hello” to children and parents you know, make it a point to meet children and parents you don’t know. By talking with parents, you can key-in on parents debating private vs. public schools and answer parent questions.

  3. Promote upcoming Project Preschool events as well as general school events, which prospective families could attend. (Do this verbally or on worksheet to hand out to parents.)

  4. Provide school contact information (Principal/Secretary name and phone number) and hand out recent school newsletter, PTA membership form, etc.

  5. Pass around sign-in sheet and include space for name, address, phone number and e-mail address. Use this sheet as a follow-up tool, or a way to contact prospects in upcoming months.

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