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2020-21 SMAC PTA

District Reflections results

PRIMARY visual arts

Award of


Spread Kindness to Others
Madeline McInerney
brookwood elementary

Award of


anne bagby
belinder elementary



Biking For The Planet 
Londyn Chase 
diemer elementary
Copy of Brookwood1McInerneyVisualArts.JPG.jpg

By spreading kindness to the world everyone will feel happy and be kind to each other, and that will be AWESOME!

Copy of BelinderKBagbyVisualArts.jpg

“I will change the world by accepting and celebrating others’ differences.”  The artist is portrayed in the center with a friend to the right who is autistic and the friend to the left is physically handicapped; the children represent both genders and various nationalities.  The artist’s brother is severely autistic and living with him has taught her to accept and include all. 

#45 P-VisualArts.jpg

I will change the world by walking and biking to reduce pollution. I'll get more exercise and be healthier. And our Earth will be greener! 



Angelina French
westwood view 
I Love the Only World We Have
Olivia Staab
lenexa hills elementary
Copy of WestwoodViewKFrenchVisualArts.jpg
Copy of VisualArtsKLenexaHillsStaab.jpeg

We only have one earth and we need to work together to change the world and make it better.

I'm going to change the world by making everything bright so people can see.

Be Kind to the World
Caroline Shehan
corinth elementary
Copy of VisualArtsKCorinthShehan.jpeg

People that do kind things to the world help make a difference.

Helping the Universe
Reese Kennedy
mill creek elementary
All The Colors Around The Princess
Hazel Hatfield
broken arrow elementary
#54 P-VisualArts.jpg
Copy of IMG_7511.jpg

My drawing is about changing the world by keeping it clean and picking up trash.

In my picture I don't think it's fair that there are people who want to hurt other people with different skin colors than them. I drew Princess Hazel and all the colors around to show people's colors of skin.

rainbowy day
Roselyn Buckley
brookridge elementary
Copy of Brookridge0BuckleyVisualArts.jpg

I will change the world by making friends and holding hands and looking at a rainbow together. 

Intermediate visual arts

Award of


emma hobick
westwood view elementary
Copy of VisualArtsIWestwoodHobick.jpg

I'm Emma Hobick and made this piece of art because I wanted to show people that no matter who you are, you are loved and you are equal. I love art and it is so fun to draw people from different continents and cultures it makes me stop for a second and think,"wow! they are really neat!" I would love to spread this message throughout art. There are people with disabilities, Japanese, Muslin, African Americans, Spanish, Brazilian, and American. Many people have gone through being disliked because of their differences. And I want to stop that.



The Heart of Art
lucy woods
benninghoven elementary
Copy of Lucy Woods.jpg

I based my art on this subject by using recycled newspapers and old water colors that really helped, instead of using new paint and paper that could kill the environment.

Award of


I will change the world by composting
simone workcuff
brookwood elementary
#21 I-VisualArts.jpg

I will change the world by composting because composting save 30% of trash from going into land fills. Composting saves water by helping the soil keep moisture. In my drawing there is a truck and a the truck is taking all the food and waste to a field and farmers where it will decompose so that way it will turn into newer soil so that way you can plant trees and crops in it. There is also a field in the back-a-round that shows where the food and waste has already been put to show that plants can grow nicely. There are flowers coming out of the exhaust pipe to show that the truck is doing something good not bad. That is why composting is such a big deal. 

We're Better Together
Lucy Constance
christa mcauliffe elementary
Copy of VisualArtsIMcAuliffeConstance.jpg

The people in the picture cooperated to help make the petals surrounding the Earth.  Flowers can help the environment in so many ways, and so can the people of the Earth.



Map to a CURE!
benjamin walsh
prairie elementary
Copy of VisualArtsIPrairieWalsh.JPG.jpg

In May, I got diagnosed with type 1 diabetes.  As you might know diabetes is an autoimmune disease. 8/10 people have an autoimmune disease.  I want to cure everyone who has an autoimmune disease by becoming a scientist. That's why I did this project because I can change the world by finding a cure for autoimmune diseases.

I'll help!
diya thomas
highlands elementary
#35 I-VisualArts.jpg

My art relates to the theme because it shows I can change the world by: recycling, taking care of the animals, donating, giving food to the poor, and growing plants. The gloomy side of the world on my art represents what will happen if you don't take care of the earth. 

Standing Up to Help
Bexley George
trailwood elementary
Copy of VisualArtsITrailwoodGeorge.jpg

I can do my part if everyone does their part to end Covid-19.  Then the world would be a better place.

the love tree
Sara Grace Rubelee 
diemer elementary
#47 I-VisualArts.jpg

My work relates to the theme because, no matter what you do like washing the dishes, or helping your neighbor mow your lawn, it all takes love and kindness, and that's how I will change the world. 

Helping the unfortunate with a little food and money
Joshua Fritz
rosehill elementary
Copy of VisualArtsIRosehillFritz.jpeg

If you can help others in their time of need we can slowly change the world and reduce poverty.  If I could have fit in a tiny home with tools, I would have drawn that as well.  Clean water and clothing also give a great deal of assistance to those in need!

We Can Change the World
Jada G. Pacheco
mill creek elementary
"My Voice"
Naomi Oliver 
belinder elementary
Acceptance = Equality
Pearl Urban
brookridge elementary
Copy of VisualArtsIMillCreekPacheco.jpg

I made this because I wanted to show how if we worked together we could change the world.  Because we really need to fix the world we humans have created.  I REALLY believe if we work together we can fix it.

Copy of BelinderIOliverVisualArtsPhoto1.jpg

My work shows how I can use my voice.  It shows I can stand up for what is right.  I hope this inspires people to stand up for what is right, and speak out against people who are wrong.  

Copy of Brookridge5UrbanVisual Arts.jpg

The theme is "I will change the world by..." The reason why my artwork relates to the theme is everyone is equal but some people don't get why. Equality doesn't mean we exclude people of color or people of a different community. We include them. That's why I blended all of the colors on the hands: you can be enlightened by someone. Or, in other words, inspired. Because of that reason it doesn't matter who you are, you can change in a way that can make a difference in the world, people, and communities. 

Saving Nature
Milly Bauman

santa fe trail elementary
Copy of VisualArtsISantaFeTrailBauman.jpg

I drew a picture of a cheetah, turtle, salmon and a panda because there all endangered. I will save the world by: Saving nature, by picking up trash.

Small Decisions Make a Big Difference!
Sophie Shehan

corinth elementary
Copy of VisualArtsICorinthShehan.jpeg

There are lots of things a person can do to change the world.  They don't have to be huge because it all makes a difference!

Best & Only Super Earth
violet staab
lenexa hills elementary
Copy of VisualArtsILenexaHillsStabb.jpeg
One Can at a Time
Alice Johnson
pawnee elementary
Copy of VisualArtsIPawneeJohnson.jpg

My piece is about recycling and how it affects the earth.  In this cartoon it shows how recycling affects us.

I will change the world by helping everybody who needs help just like superhero's help everyone. This is why I called it Best & Only Super Earth!

MIDDLE SCHOOL visual arts

Award of


carmen carroll
belinder elementary

Award of


Saving the Plants
Grace Chalfie
benninghoven elementary
#7 M-VisualArts1.jpg

If everybody took the time to reuse and recycle it would make a big difference. It has to start somewhere and that is what inspired me to make this art piece out of aluminum cans.  I can change the world by reusing and recycling and bringing beauty to the world.  

Copy of Grace Chalfie.jpg

There are many ways wildfires can start. Some start naturally but many times humans start them or have a negative impact. In my artwork I represent how I can save the planet by preventing wildfires and saving plants that might get hit by wildfires. My hope is that one day more of the wildfires that happen are by natural causes and not by human impacts. Some fires are good for forests but not when they are destroying cities and homes. I will change the world by using my voice to speak out about wildfires and finding ways to prevent them.



helping the ocean
Lolys Polanco
brookridge elementary
shining within
Constance Joy Freeman
trailridge ms
Copy of Brookridge6PolancoVisualArts.jpg

My work is about all the trash that is in the ocean. It relates to the theme because all the trash in the ocean hurts the animals and the environment. 

My artwork relates to the theme because people are the ones who change the world but they can't do it alone. I can only help the world by helping other's shine in times of darkness and when they need it most.  My artwork reflects that by showing two people shining in their own ways.  The smaller person is representing me and the bigger person is representing the person I am helping, and while everything around them is dark, they are both shining.  The microphone and the smaller person are representing the things that are helping the other person shine.

Faces of the World
Olivia Woodward
brookwood elementary
Copy of Brookwood6WoodwardVisualArts.JPG.jpg
Save the World
Jack Ferguson
highlands elementary
#38 M-VisualArts.jpg

Well I drew this because the water is draining from the earth, and we need to save it. 

This drawing can change the world, because anyone who sees them can see themselves. But they can also see their classmate, their neighbor or even their best friend who lives on the other side of the world. This will help them realize we aren't so different after all. 

Anyone can change the World
Natalie Maloney
westridge ms
#92 M-VisualArts.jpg

I drew a picture of plants growing and thriving in a vacant lot filled with trash.  This represents the theme "I can change the world by" because it shows someone who wanted to save the planet, and they started by planting a garden in an abandoned lot.  It is inspired by the story Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman.



New Worlds
esther walker
indian hills ms
Copy of VisualArtsMIndianHillsWalker1.jpg

This picture of a rocket launch was not drawn on a computer, but was created by entering well over 400 equations, inequalities, and compound inequalities into an online graphing calculator and combining them to create an image.  I will change the world with math because I see math in art, in science, in the built environment and in nature. 

a look in the eyes
Shea DiSalvo
Indian woods ms
Copy of VisualArtsMIndianWoodsDiSalvo.jpg

I painted a pair of eyes.  This correlates with the theme because sometimes you have to look into someone’s eyes to understand how they are feeling. Having empathy for someone can change their future entirely.  I understand that knowing how someone feels won’t fix all their problems, so you have to put yourself in their shoes and treat them how you would like to be treated.  Next time you see someone who might be struggling, take a look in their eyes.  Try to feel empathy, because you never know how much of an affect that can have on someone’s life.

Make the World a Better Place
Mildred Zavala Torres
lenexa hills elementary
Copy of VisualArtsMLenexaHillsTorres2.jpg

The thing that inspired my work would be how we are trashing the place and animals have died because of the trash and what we put in to the world. We have gas leaks everywhere and lots of the stuff we use is hurting the earth. That is what I was inspired by we need to help the earth and stop leaving trash everywhere like we own the world and we created it. Help the earth and please pick up trash everywhere even if it's not yours. That is what I think.

end racism
Elijah Marquez
santa fe trail elementary
#72 M-VisualArts.jpg

I hope my drawing will get people to realize that racism is not okay. End Racism is a drawing that will hopefully get people to live each and every day, united and not divided.

HIGH SCHOOL visual arts

Award of


Be A Better Person 
Noah Xiong
SM south

Award of


coral cure
destyni meadows
SM Northwest



Mariam Sufi
SM east
Copy of VisualArtsHighSMSXiong.JPG.jpg

Being a better person means to always do the right thing no matter what.

#80 High-VisualArts1.jpg

I will change the world by curing Cancer! How can little ol' me Cure Cancer? Well you can help too, and it starts by keeping our Coral Reefs protected. Did you know that Coral Reefs are considered the medicine chest of the sea? Scientist have developed treatments for Cardiovascular diseases, Ulcers, Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Skin Cancer all from chemicals in reef plants and animals. The cure for cancer and other illnesses are just waiting to be discovered and it is our job to protect them. How? It starts with living sustainably. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle to decrease the negative impacts of pollution and landfills on the health of our oceans. Use water wisely, less water means less runoff and wastewater in the ocean. My art piece is my way to advocate for the Coral Reefs and is a vivid example of what will happen if we continue to kill them. Let's do our part and help Scientists discover the undiscovered by keeping our oceans clean and reefs protected!

#75 High-VisualArts.jpg

My work shows shadowed figures in a black-and-white world uniformly trying to create a domino effect, with the universe hanging over them. I attempt to show that changing the world cannot be accomplished by singular, unique actions.  Some time ago, I decided I would stop eating chocolate because it had been made by slaves. But no one else changed their actions. If everyone had stopped eating chocolate though, there would have been an effect. I want people who see this work to think to themselves: "I will not change the world, but together we can."

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