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KS PTA Reflections Music Composition

Award of Excellence Winners

I Believe_Jiya Bhavsar

Primary Music Composition

I matter because I believe I can make a difference. I matter because I believe that I’m unique, unlike anybody else. I matter because I believe that I can help someone. I have happy days and sad days. Just like that, my song has ups and downs. It has a gentle tempo. My song sounds like it changes from a soft breeze to a gusty wind.

Intermediate Music Composition


My song relates to the theme because it shows why helping others is a way to show that I matter. When I help others and make a difference, it matters to my community, my family and friends, and myself.

Middle School Music Composition

Created_Ishya Bhavsar

Everyone expresses themself in their own special way. And we are always creating and doing and expressing ourselves. In fact I had the idea for this song at one in the morning when I couldn't sleep. My creations have always been special to me because I know that nobody could have done what I have done and made what I have made. This song is part of something that makes me who I am. I matter because of my unique creativity and so does every single human being.

High School Music Composition

To Show Kindness_Andrew Schnake

Kindness guides every decision I make. After having dealt with depression for 6 years, I try my best to be emotionally supportive of those around me. Sometimes it can be very difficult to help those around me, especially if I have my own troubles. I matter, and I want to do my best to help others realize that they do matter. The first movement of this piece focuses on depression, and the second one kindness. Also in both movements is a theme of purpose, tying the two movements together.

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