pta treasurer

T R E a s u r e r: 

NOUN- A person who is responsible for taking care of the money of a club or business.

You've been elected as treasurer!  now what?

You have been elected as the authorized custodian of the funds and are responsible for the financial management of your Unit PTA.
You are responsible for the receipt and disbursement of all monies in accordance with the Unit bylaws and standing rules along with the member approved budget.
You must work closely with the President and have a thorough understanding of the financial matters of the PTA.

You have an incredibly important job for your unit, so be sure you give it the attention it deserves.

duties of the treasurer


Treasurer Guide & Workbook (view/print this step-by-step Treasurer Resource Guide)

Important Due Dates

Treasurer Calendar

MEMBERHUB Membership, Officer submission, Document submission, State dues submission

Treasurer Booklet (including printable Records Retention Timeline, Audit Forms, etc)


school of instruction Treasurer Workshop 5.19.21


  1. Annual Audit: Verify that the Annual Audit has been performed and that the results are presented at your first general meeting. A copy of audit documentation is required to be sent to Kansas PTA no later than August 30th. Email to:

  2. PTA Insurance: Make sure your PTA unit insurance is paid and active. Kansas PTA recommends Liability, Bonding, and Director’s & Officer’s Liability. You are required to list Shawnee Mission School District; 8200 W. 71st St Overland Park, KS 66204,  as an additional insured. (RV Nuccio Insurance )  

  3. SMSD Liability Insurance Proof: (click to see what is submitted to SMSD) You must send a copy of your insurance documents, by September 1, to SMSD, c/o Sammie Kudera, at

  4. SMAC Dues / Clothing Exchange / SMEF Donations: are due to SMAC Treasurer by September 15.

  5. IRS Form 990-EZ, or 990-N (electronic postcard): Verify this is completed and sent in for the previous year has been prepared or is in the process of being prepared. This must be postmarked by November 15th, each year to the IRS. Keep a copy for your records and your bylaws require that you send a copy to the Kansas PTA,, by November 15th each year. Yes, we have to file taxes even though we do not owe taxes.

  6. PTA Membership and dues must be done MONTHLY, in MemberHub.​

  7. As a requirement of your unit’s tax-exempt status with the State of Kansas, you are required to file sales tax reports, even if you owe nothing. You can do this at:

  8. Never make financial decisions on your own. Your unit budget, as approved by the membership, will be your guide in all financial affairs. If your budget needs amending, do so at a general meeting with a vote of the membership.

  9. All checks:

    • Require two signatures

    • Are never to be signed if blank

    • Are never to be payable to the Treasurer unless two OTHER officers sign. A check signer should never sign a check that is made out to them or someone they are related to.

  10. All PTA monies received should:

    • Be well-documented in your financial records as to who paid, what for and how much (Spreadsheets are wonderful for this).

    • At the very least a handwritten list of all checks should be submitted to you with the checks/money or you can make copies of the checks, but this is time consuming)

    • Be verified by others in PTA. two people other than the treasurer should count cash prior to turning it into the treasurer and document who they are and the amount they say is there.

    • Never be deposited to anyone's personal account or any school account

  11. Always give a report of balances of accounts at every meeting of your PTA, as well as a budget report showing categories of income and expenses.

  12. Monthly Bank Reconciliations completed and Monthly Audits done by a member who is not a signer on the account.

  13. Stay organized. Keep your PTA treasurer records in an organized fashion so anyone could pick up the job if you should become unable to perform your duties.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us: SMAC President | SMAC Treasurer | Kansas PTA Treasurer


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Even though we are tax-exempt, we must still file a return to protect our tax-exempt status. If your unit’s gross income (this is all money that enters your bank account) is $50,000 or less, you file a form 990- N, which is an “e-postcard” filed online. All others would file a 990-EZ either paper or electronically. Your 990 must be filed by November 15th of each year.

Also, in order to remain a “Unit in Good Standing” with Kansas PTA, your unit must send a copy of your 990-N or 990-EZ to the Kansas PTA office by mail or email by November 15th of each year.



SMAC Dues Remittance Form

PTA Audit Forms

Important Due Dates


PTA Insurance 101

How To Renew Insurance

RV Nuccio Insurance Purchase Link

Submit Proof of Insurance to SMSD


archived Guides:

'So Now You're a Treasurer' Guide - 2012

Unit in Good Standing

This is very important to adhere to the PTA guidelines in order for your children and Units to participate in any state or national programs (Citizenship contest, Reflections contest, School of Excellence, etc), and to maintain your PTA levels.

  1. Ensure KS PTA receives a copy of your most recent Standing Rules each year no later than October 1.

  2. Additionally, a new copy should be forwarded each time you make a change

  3. Ensure your treasurer conducts the yearly audit before the incoming Treasurer takes over and promptly forwards to KS PTA. Ensure your treasurer submits membership dues and membership roster (with email addresses) to KS PTA MONTHLY, beginning with September 1.

  4. Ensure your 990 is submitted to the IRS by November 15 and is promptly forwarded to KS PTA.

  5. Ensure SMAC Dues are submitted - Due no later than September 15

  6. Renew liability insurance and submit a copy of certificate, naming SMSD as additional insured, to Due no later than September 1st.