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pta parliamentarian

The PTA Parliamentarian...

  • is chosen by the PTA President to serve during the President’s term of office
  • does not serve in any office or as a member of the Board of Managers while serving in this position

  • does not have voting privileges

  • may be consulted on any matter by the President/Chair, but, the decision is made by the President, not the Parliamentarian

  • attends all Board of Manager meetings, Executive Committee meetings, and any other meetings at the request of the President


"I second that motion"

KS PTA Parliamentary Resources

Presiding Officer Parliamentary Pointers


Parliamentary Resources

  • National PTA’s “President’s Quick-Reference Guide” – available online National PTA’s Parliamentary e-learning course
  • State and Regional PTA trainings

  • Kansas PTA Summer Packet materials Kansas State Association of Parliamentarians -

  • National Association of Parliamentarians – headquarters located in Independence, Missouri.


NOTE: The 11th edition of Roberts’ Rules of Order Newly Revised (RONR) will be available September or October of 2011. We are currently using the 10th edition. You will want to obtain the 11th edition of RONR when it is released. RONR is typically revised/updated every 10 years.

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