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a child's life is like a piece of paper on which everyone leaves a mark. 


Chinese Proverb

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Is my voter registration active?


Who are my elected officials?

KS State Senate Representative Map

KS State House Representative Map


What can WE do?



  • Advocacy begins at the polls. Why a PTA priority? Consider the primary responsibility of state government…
  • Non-partisan, platform policy-based advocacy

  • Register - go to JoCoElection for the Voter Lookup and confirm your registration

  • Be a voter, be an informed voter




Key Issues:

  • KS Supreme Court School Finance Ruling – Gannon Decision
  • Equity issue has been decided (HB2506)

  • Adequacy issue pending - Rose Standards

  • Education bill HB2506 passed last legislative session

  • K12 Student Performance & Efficiency Commission – KSLegislature


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SMAC-PTA Legislative




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Kansas PTA Legislative




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Tracking of education issues in Topeka


Kansas Association of School Boards (SMSD is a member)




Kansas National Education Association (many teachers are members)

Under The Dome - Great, nearly daily update on issues in the legislature

Kansas Legislature - Look up bills, legislators, committees, testimony in committees



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Kansas Legislature

State Senate/BOEd. Districts

State Rep./BOEd. Districts

KS PTA/SMAC Leg. Priorities

SMSD Legislative Platform 2019

National PTA Election Guide

National PTA Advocacy Tool Kit


Learn More Today

  • Goals of PTA advocacy

  • PTA non-partisan policy

  • How to stay informed

  • How to keep your community informed

  • What SMAC PTA legislative platform is

  • How to contact your legislators

  • How to register to vote

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