PTA President

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Serving as president of a PTA includes the responsibility to lead that PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members. The goals must be consistent with the policies and purposes of the PTA. The president is the presiding officer and the official representative of the association.

Duties of the President

To ensure a successful term of office, certain responsibilities begin as soon as new officers are elected...


Check out this presentation from the 2017 School of Instruction if you couldn't make it or as a refresher:


Standing Rules

Unit/Council Standing Rules and Bylaws, just the mention of these will bring moans, groans and shrieks to the toughest PTA members. Fortunately, units and councils no longer have to write their own bylaws thanks to the Uniform Unit and Council Bylaws. However, the need still exists for all Kansas PTA/PTSA Units and Councils to create their own individualized Standing Rules.

Standing Rules - Why

Sample Credit Card Policy for Standing Rules

Nat'l PTA Diversity & Inclusion Policy

"...When PTAs respect differences yet acknowledge shared commonalities uniting their communities, and then develop meaningful priorities based upon their knowledge, they genuinely represent their communities. When PTAs represent their communities, they gain strength and effectiveness through increased volunteer and resource support."

Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit

Social Media and PTA

National PTA Social Media Policy

Social Media / Communication PTA Tool Kit (log in info required)

Social media is a powerful tool for individuals to join together, share content and ideas, and engage in open conversation. In order for social media to be successful, PTAs must be committed to supporting honest, transparent and knowledgeable dialogue. Social media can be used for a variety of reasons over a multitude of channels. For PTAs, social media is well-suited for:

    • Sharing information that is relevant to your members’ needs and interest.
    • Raising awareness of education and child-related issues and supporting advocacy efforts and partner initiatives.
    • Raising interest and participation in your PTA events, programs and initiatives.

Effective Communication

Because families receive their information in different ways, PTA should use any and all tools of communication available. Be current, consistent, and proofread before distribution. PTA Presidents and/or other Board members should have access to anything online as a back-up. No one person alone should have private access, in case someone else needs to help distribute information...


Working with your Principal

Working with your Principal is the major means to a successful year. Here are some ideas to get the year off to a great start:

      • Host a Welcome Night introducing the Principal.
      • Invite the Principal and Teachers to become PTA Members.
      • Ensure to include the Principal in developing the PTA's plan of work.
      • Make the Principal-Parent dialogue visible.
      • Work together networking to establish community partnerships.
      • Coordinate fundraisers tied specifically to your Principal's goals or for all school relevance.
      • Nominate your school, Principal & Teachers for awards.
      • Encourage two-way messaging.
      • Promote health & nutrition in your school.
      • Working with your Principal, invite community groups and youth-service organizations to your school.

Event Promotion

Successfully promoting your event or project is KEY!

The front office staff is happy to assist parents. However, last minute request put unnecessary pressure and strain on everyone.

Make sure your PTA board chairs & representatives know the plans...

Read more... (tbd)


Click Here for a printable version.


  • NO LATER than May 1 - Submit Incoming New Officers to KS PTA & SMAC PTA


  • Prior to June 30 - Conduct Annual Audit


  • KS PTA Dues & Membership Roster (names & email addresses) submitted to KS PTA.
  • Monthly Unit bank reconciliation
  • Monthly financial reports presented at each PTA meeting


  • Prior to Fall General Meeting -Review / create new year budget for adoption
  • 1st General PTA Meeting of the new school year - Budget Adoption
  • Secure & Pay PTA Liability Insurance
  • Annual Audit submitted to KS PTA office
  • Submit Standing Rules to KS PTA (and additional submissions when any changes are made)


  • Proof of Liability Insurance submitted to SMSD
  • Submit first dues & membership roster to KS PTA (by end of Month)
  • SMAC/Clothing Exchange Dues Submitted


  • 990-EZ or 990-N to IRS and copy to KS PTA


  • Submit final membership dues & roster to KS PTA (members after March 31 go towards next year membership)

Detailed Year Timeline

Click Here.

Unit in Good Standing

This is very important to adhere to the PTA guidelines in order for your children and Units to participate in any state or national programs (Citizenship contest, Reflections contest, School of Excellence, etc), and to maintain your PTA levels.

  1. Ensure KS PTA receives a copy of your most recent Standing Rules each year no later than October 1.
  2. Additionally, a new copy should be forwarded each time you make a change
  3. Ensure your treasurer conducts the yearly audit by June 30 of each year and promptly forwards to KS PTA. Must be received no later than August 30. Ensure your treasurer submits membership dues and membership roster (with email addresses) to KS PTA MONTHLY, beginning with September 1.
  4. Ensure your 990 is submitted to the IRS by November 15 and is promptly forwarded to KS PTA.
  5. Ensure SMAC Dues is submitted - Due no later than September 15
  6. Renew liability insurance and submit a copy of certificate, naming SMSD as additional insured, to Due no later than August 1st.